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The time for transformation is now. Gain insights as we explore a strategic path to transformation and discover how engagement, openness, and convergence will help you unlock your network’s full potential. What do you want to make possible?

It's time for a revolution.

Let's face it. We now live in an app-centric world that's driving a revolution in computing, storage, and yes, connectivity. The network has taken center stage, and Ciena has the tools to make transformation possible.

We start with engagement to understand your unique goals and challenges. Then we apply our platforms built on the principle of openness so you can control your differentiation and innovation. Finally, our industry-leading technology enables convergence to bridge yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's networks.

Transform your network and you transform your business.


Unlock network value.

Unlock your network’s untapped value through our unique engagement model. We want to understand your current business goals, solution alternatives, and their associated risks. Then our network specialists deliver business analytics, insights, and transformation programs to challenge status quo thinking and modernize and monetize your network.


Choose your
network's destiny.

The network's role is changing dramatically. Connectivity is becoming an equal participant along with computing and storage in the application ecosystem. Openness is all about allowing you to control your differentiation and innovation with an open framework for programmability and software. It's a whole new paradigm for on-demand delivery of services that efficiently adapts as your needs evolve.


Combine and conquer.

Want to scale optical and packet without exploding costs? We've been laying the foundation to do just that by embedding unprecedented intelligence and flexibility in our solutions. These advances allow you to create tailored and cohesive packet-optical solutions for a simpler operational architecture, and respond intelligently to the needs of an app-centric world.Learn more Wavelogic

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