Transforming capacity
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The world has gone web-scale. It started in the data center, moved to enterprise IT, and now we welcome it to the network. Let us empower you with the capabilities you need for your web-scale world.
Expansive bandwidth. Efficiency. Agility.

WaveLogic 3
web-scale bandwidth

Arm your network with expansive bandwidth and efficiency across your city or around the globe. Introducing the WaveLogic 3 Extreme and Nano.

WaveLogic 3 Nano optimizes power and space to bring greater 100G density.


WaveLogic 3 Extreme delivers maximum bandwidth at any distance for metro, regional, and trans-oceanic networks.


Coherent Select
New agile and efficient architectures for your web-scale metro

Architected for web-scale networks by enabling the new wavelength-on-demand metro.

By combining WaveLogic performance with simple photonics and sophisticated software, we bring you an elegant 100G metro solution.


Small cells, big opportunities for web-scale mobility

The Web-Scale world means massive mobile consumption. Our new small cell backhaul platforms bring greater efficiency and zero-touch provisioning.

More cells and more capacity mean better experiences and happier mobile customers.

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Ciena knows web-scale

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At Ciena, we view web-scale dynamics not as part of the problem, but as part of the answer. We’re introducing new solutions that let you apply web-scale philosophies to your network—empowering you with the capabilities required in a web-scale world.

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